Sunday June 25 and Monday June 26

Good afternoon. A QUICK reminder. The muni band  will be playing at the Overlook Adventure Golf Course at Nelson Park tomorrow evening (Wednesday the 21st) from 7:30 – 8:30 p.m. Bring your folding chairs and join us. Andrea Pope will be our vocalist. Like Jim Culbertson said “A HUGE CONCERT!!!”
Sunday concert in the park was GREAT!!!!! WHAT WONDERFUL MUSIC for our International Review theme this week.
Monday in Central Park.....what a CROWD!!!!!! More super international music . You KNOW how good our band is week after week.
Steve Schepper and two other muni horns ( Steve Craven and Mike Pryczyski) played an Alpine Fantasy....BRAVO.
And then  Brenna Pfeifer with the raspberry hair and the amazing voice sang the haunting music of Miss Saigon.... and when she sang “Moon River”.....just! We dedicated that tune to a couple who had celebrated their 70th anniversary!
Then intermission........WHAT HAPPENED??????? We went from beautiful sky to dark clouds that literally DUMPED on the audience, the band and everyone near us!!!!! WHERE DID THAT COME FROM????? Oh, well, it’s summer in the park.
Next week’s soloist is Mike McDonald.  He was gone for a year but he and his trumpet CAME BACK HOME and we are glad.  Mike will play a piece and then be joined by the muni trumpets for a favorite... Bugler’s Holiday.
The vocalist will be Zach Garrett. Zach will sing the music of John Lennon and Paul McCartney, a medley of hymn tunes like “Amazing Grace”, and “There Will Be Peace in the Valley”. This is a beautiful medley,and I know you will enjoy it. Zach will also sing a medley of Andrew Lloyd Weber. There is a composer named Harold Arlen and you may THINK you haven’t heard any of his music, but I’ll bet you have. Zach will be singing a tribute to Harold Arlen ,and you will be pleasantly surprised! Zach Garrett is always an audience favorite.
The theme is “Famous Composer Series” and I know Director Jim Culbertson and the band are ready to entertain you with this great GREAT music!
We will be performing Sunday in Fairview Park 6:00 – 7:00 Monday Evening Downtown Central Park under the stars ( and not under rain drops)  7:00 – 9:00. THANKS again to all of you who show up week after week to support YOUR Decatur Municipal Band.
We really appreciate all of your support.
Emcee Shirley