Tuba Ted and Brenna Pfeiffer

Well, that was a fun Sunday concert in Fairview Park . We had a great crowd, the tubas were rocking, the vocalist was amazing, the band was wonderful ,and it was just fun! And Monday’s audience was big and enthusiastic and receptive. So....this was a memorable weekend for the band.

No matter how warm it seems during the day, the weather always cools off downtown around concert time.DID YOU NOTICE THAT AMAZING MOON HANGING UP IN THE SKY DURING THE SECOND PART OF THE SHOW?  WOW!

Rev Ted Hartley (he says he has a Bible in one hand and a tuba in the other) played a rhumba, foxtrot, and samba kind of a piece called Carioca and showed us that a TUBA can be a solo instrument. BRAVO, Tuba Ted! .....uh...Rev. Hartley.

He was then joined by two muni tubas, talented Eric Lutz and Mr. Showman Steve Schepper with THEIR tubas playing Big Joe The Tuba.....and...yes, it was a great piece, and it was fun!

Our vocalist was Brenna Pfeiffer ( check out the attachment. I asked her for a picture for my blogthis time becauseI wanted to highlight her pink hair.) She is is just delightful ,and SHE CAN REALLY SING!!!!! She sang selections from Les Miz.....and every part of that was different and delivered perfectly. From “On my Own “ to “ Do You Hear The People Sing”, it was all great!

She also sang music from “The King and I” and...a favorite of mine.....”When You Believe” from the animated film “Prince of Egypt”. The part in the song where she sings Hebrew was so very very special. It was just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! Bravo to you, Brenna! 

The band pieces were again great, and they get extra kudos for “The Russian Sailors’ Dance”. How they can play that fast and that accurately on just one rehearsal always amazes me. Yea, BAND!!!!!  And, I have NO idea even after 28 years of working with him how Jim Culbertson can keep track of all of those music notes for all of those instruments and turn pages and EVERYTHING and have it all turn out so wonderfully. Yea, Jim Culbertson!

The summer marches on!!

Next week we feature Bill Dethrow as our clarinet soloist. He is playing a favorite piece of mine called “Immer Kleiner” which means ever smaller. He will keep removing parts of his clarinet and keep playing on what is left.This isn’t easy, folks!

Our vocalist has been on the muni stage with us since she was a junior in high school when she sang with her mom Julie Shafer a couple of summers, and I am glad she is still around. She is Kristin (Shafer) Moore, and she is just a super super supervocalist and entertainer. Shegraduated from Belmont university in Nashville in 2010 and has performed with bands around the area. She also has teamed up recently with Zach Garrett and Michael Scherer for an “A plus” cabaret act of THREE TALENTED YOUNG ADULTS!!!!!!

They had a show this spring at the Decatur Arts Center ,and it was a full house. I certainlyhope they do that again. Kristin will be singing “Don’t Rain on My Parade” from Funny Girl, Gershwin’s Broadway music, a Bon Jovi Rock Mix and some highlights from FROZEN!!!! I LOVE the music from FROZEN!

A reminder! We have only two more Sunday concerts in Fairview Park!!! This summer is flying by!

Sunday Fairview Park Big Pavilion 6:00 – 7:00 rain or shine

Monday Downtown Central Park 7:00 – 9:00

Thanks again for supporting your own Decatur Municipal Band.

Emcee Shirley