Kristen Moore and Bill Dethrow

Good Morning...just a thought - the Decatur Muni Band just entered its 159th year of continuous service. It is one of the oldest nonmilitary bands in continuous service in the United States and Canada!! We are a “national treasure”, right?

Sunday evening in the big pavilion at Fairview park was certainly a warm, humid one. HOWEVER, the audience showed up, we had an occasional breeze, the “band played on” and the soloist and vocalist were with us; and whatever the heat index was seemed to slip away.

We had some relief on Monday. The park was full of our supporters and a few people playing Pokémon Go (which I certainly don’t understand), the weather was FINE, and the band was GREAT! At the beginning of part 2, I noticed there was a picture-perfect sky off to the northwest; WOW! Summer in the park offers us so much.

Bill Dethrow was our soloist. First he played his saxophone. Then he brought out his clarinet to play “Immer KLleimer” which means “Ever Smaller” and Bill removed parts from the bottom of his clarinet and continued to play on until he was left with a mouthpiece. Unreal!

Our vocalist was Kristen (Shafer) Moore. She lives in Bloomington now , so I am always glad she decides to drive back and forth for us. She is so versatile. She sang “Don’t Rain On My Parade” from Funny Girl. ( That really is a “show-stopper” number).  Then she sang a Broadway Gershwinmedley.  Later in the evening she sang the music from “Frozen” and ended it with a Bon Jovi ROCK medley.  She can sing ANYTHING!!! And she was standing onand walking and actually running to the stage in 5-inch heels.  HOW does she do that?  THANKS, Kristin. Once again, a FANTASTIC JOB!

Next week, our soloist is the talented Claire (Nicholson) Taylor. This gal can play any wind instrument in the band. This week she will be bringing her bassoon and show everyone how to make the bassoon a solo instrument. She teaches bassoon at Millikin and plays with many groups. She will amaze you.

The band , under the direction of tireless Jim Culbertson, continues to tackle some tough music. It is amazing to me that these musicians can play these challenging pieces with only ONE Tuesday evening rehearsal.  Did you know that?  ONE REHEARSAL! Obviously they are skilled and they can REALLY READ MUSIC. !  I am always impressed as I sit in my chair week after week. I am so proud to be the announcer for this group!

Next week

Sunday: Our FINAL FAIRVIEW PARK CONCERT!  Big Pavilion 6:00 – 7:00 rain or shine

Monday : Downtown Central Park 7:00 – 9:00

Hope to see you at one of the concerts!


Thanks to all of you for supportingYOUR Decatur Municipal Band.

Emcee Shirley